Sunday, July 31, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER: serving of sophia

I'd like to introduce another guest blogger! This is Danielle from serving of sophia. Her blog is an artsy little blog that is full of her current art work and awesome photography! You know what the coolest thing about this guest blogger is?! She is my sorority sister!! She is such an amazing girl and I'm so excited to introduce her to yall! Make sure to check out her blog afterwards too!

the joy of cameraphone pictures

for the most part, i try and capture all pictures from my Canon. but too often i find myself snapping phone pictures when i'm out in Denton, on campus or when I'm traveling around. here are some pictures I've taken through retro camera (droid retrocamera)

1. sprinkled shake while visiting California

2. sunflower and bee spotted on campus

3. road tripping

   4. God's beauty in the middle of the day


  1. Love the pictures :) Great guests Megan! I love finding new and exciting bloggers :)

  2. thank you for allowing me to be a guest blogger!

  3. New follower over from 20sb! Love your blog!
    Hope you have time to check mine out too :-)


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