Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I confess

Today I decided to join a link up with Rissy!

I confess..
  • No matter how hard I try I will NEVER completely quit drinking sodas! 
  • When I lay in bed at night, my bed still has to look like its made and tidy with me in it for me to relax. 
  • I still know every word to every backstreet boy song. 
  • If I'm in a bad mood in my car, I just put on my disney CD (that my brother made me) and it makes me feel better. 
  • I take way too many pictures. 
  • Sometimes I can act like I'm 40 years old and then other times I can act like I'm 14. 
  • I have an obsession with the color green. 
  • I'm super excited for Harry Potter and already have my tickets for the midnight premiere! 


  1. I want to watch HP so badly...lucky you got tickets!

  2. How can anyone be mad when they're listening to Disney songs?! I used to pop in Sleeping Beauty all the time :)

  3. aw adorable post! i also can't wait for HP and i take way to many photos too! i am now following you, i hope you follow me back! :)


  4. I am cracking up I am totally the same way with my bed. The covers have to be perfect! So funny! Love your blog!

  5. hahaha omg we have so much in common!~ Me and my cousin have jammed out to our disney cd's like all summer, cause their like the greatest to sing along with everrr obviously!~ lol Im having a link up over on my blog and would love love love if you joined in cause your gorgeous obviously! xoxo

  6. I've been trying to quit drinking soda, too. Fail!! I know every word to every Backstreet Boy song, too, and I am proud of it!


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