Thursday, July 7, 2011

I feel silly...

...very silly.

Would you like to know why? I'm embarrassed to tell yall but I HAVE too so yall don't think I'm a terrible friend! Okay well here it goes. I didn't realize something about the commenting and commenting back on e-mail here on blogger. I was reading someone else's blog tonight and she was giving blog tips and mentioned this. It brought to my attention that I should go check what e-mail I have set because I have never received any responses to my comments. Low and behold, I have my DIRT OLD e-mail listed! It still is active, strangely enough. I honestly just use it to put on things such as facebook and any stores that need my e-mail... basically my JUNK e-mail! So I go back and look at it tonight and start going down the list and see all these comments from all of you lovely, sweet people that I have just COMPLETELY ignored without even knowing it!! I feel so bad and can not believe how ignorant I was! So this is my official apology to EVERYONE who has ever responded via e-mail to any of my comments and I have lacked to do the same! I have fixed this problem and it is on my current e-mail so please e-mail reply me like crazy and you'll get a response ASAP! 

On a lighter note.. I've been painting a lot lately to try and make new things to put on my etsy shop. This is the only one that I am ready to show and will actually put up! Let me know what you guys think! It's a combination of paint and clippings! I had a lot of fun creating it! And don't worry, I'll give yall a link to my etsy shop next post. I'm really self-conscious about it so give me some time. 


  1. I am glad you found tons of responses to comments. Hopefully you enjoyed reading them all :). and your painting is great!! Waaay better than anything I'd ever come up with for sure.

  2. Love painting on canvases, so therapeutic! I can only imagine all the stuff I have sitting at my old email addresses. Maybe I should go look...

  3. First and foremost... that e-mail mix-up is hilarious and exactly the sort of thing I would do :)

    Your painting is beautiful! Don't ever feel uncomfortable or shy about sharing what you create. I say that being a novice painter myself and have an entire section of my blog where I force people to look at my work *.*

    Creating something is always wonderful and sometimes it is more about the process than the end product. of course in this case the product is really lovely.


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