Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sigma Excitement!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am the new publicity chair for my sorority Sigma Alpha for this next year! I'm so excited about it and worked really hard before I was elected to show the girls what ideas I had and how much I wanted it! I wanted this position because I am passionate about getting our name out on our campus! When I first transferred to my current school, I had no idea of any type of organization. I was in a Christian Sorority at my past school and wanted to join something similar here. I found one Christian sorority through online and ended up going to their first rush meeting. I happen to over hear them talking at that event and heard them mention the "other Christian sorority Sigma Alpha". As soon as I got home, I searched and searched the Internet and face book and finally found information on them. The website I found was very much out of date but I did find a group page on face book that I found contact information for a few girls on. So now my mission as the publicity chair is to make sure Sigma Alpha is very easily found on campus and on the Internet! 

I bet a lot of you are wondering what a publicity chair even does, right? Well my responsibilities include some of the following: managing the website, designing t-shirts, designing and ordering other items we may get, and coordinating events or ideas to get out name out on campus and throughout the community. 

I am currently working on our website! I am giving it a little face-lift and updating it to be as current as possible! I love working on the computer, obviously, I have a blog. But if any of you have any ideas or suggestions on anything, please leave me a comment! Ideas for a cute way to publicize Sigma, cool things I could add to the website, cute clothing or item ideas, anything really! I know there are a few other sorority girls who read my blog so please give me your input! I'm just so excited about having this opportunity and want to give my girls my best effort! 


  1. That's so exciting! Congrats on becoming the publicity chair. What if you put up a Facebook and/or Twitter page for the sorority branch? All your sisters can follow them, suggest to friends, etc. You can keep everyone updated on the things the sorority is doing and link to the main website. Just a thought!

  2. Congrats! My fraternity elections are coming up in two weeks! Maybe you should create a blog for the sorority.

  3. Congrats! It's really great that you're in a Christian sorority! You're doing something really wonderful! Have an amazing day Megan! Good luck with everything that is to come!

    XO Shar

  4. Yes Dree, I agree! We have quite a few facebook pages that all different officers manage already!

    & Sarah, I've thought about that but I'm not sure what I'd blog about! & good luck with your elections if you are running!

    & Thanks Shar! :)


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