Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today is a new day! & it is that time again! It's Thursday! For those new to my blog or my thankful Thursday link-up, today is a day where I always take the time to list some things I am thankful for! They don't have to big, monumental things, the little things count just as much! I do it every Thursday, so my list varies every week depending on what kind of week/day I am having. I usually list about 20 things, but feel free to list a couple or tons, whatever you feel like doing!

I'd love some more participation this week! Last week was my first offical week of providing a link-up and the success wasn't huge, but I'm not complaining! I'd just love for more people to see this opportunity and join in so we can all be reminded of the things in our life we are grateful for!

Now remember these are the rules for participating:

-You must be a follower first to participate! Actually, if you arn't that is perfectly fine! I don't want to be selfish here and ask for that, I just want you to reflect on these things!
-Grab my button for thankful Thursday on the right and place it in your post or on your blog!
-Link up on this post directing us to your POST, not your main page of your blog!
-Please comment on this post so I know that you participated and may just come follow you in return!
-Please make sure it is a family friendly post!
-& feel free to comment on anyone and everyone elses post!
-and most importantly, have fun & enjoy reading other bloggers blessings!

I will put the link thing at the bottom of this post for you to all list your blog on there! But now it is time for my thankful Thursday list!

1. Waking up THIS morning on time! I haven't been all week!
2. The motivation I had studying last night
3. For such encouraging friends who always help lift my spirit!
4. The soon approaching weekend
5. Once again, coffee. I have lived on it this week!
6. Being raised in such an awesome church! It was great to go back there for Easter Sunday!
7. Already having the stress of registering for summer and fall classes out of the way.
8. Summer soon coming!
9. Going to London in less than a month! (21 days to be exact!)
10. My dad fixing my car up this past weekend!
11. Being blessed in finding such an amazing sorority!
12. Having such cute nephews!
13. Being blessed with money to buy food when I need it.
14. Being blessed with a job in general!!
15. My creativity
16. My little brother being so smart! (It will be easy for him to get into any college he wants)
17. My boyfriend constantly being understanding and supporting of me
18. The Hazelwood act that pays my tuition! (If you or your dad entered into the service from Texas, contact me!)
19. My last test of the week being over after today!
20. Being safe during all the bad weather lately!

Now here is the list for you to put your blog link on!!


  1. I am all linked up! Thanks for hosting again - it's a great reminder for me to come up with 20 things I am thankful for. It's amazing how easy it is once I sit down and start to think of all the good things in my life!


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