Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Today on thankful Thursday, I'm not going to provide a link list at the bottom anymore. I don't have very many participators so instead you can just link up with the button and comment me letting me know so I can go read your list! I'm not feeling too well today so this may be short.

What I am thankful for today:

1. so many awesome followers!
2. my beautiful cat Paisley who is sitting on the couch beside me! 
This was when it actually snowed in Texas and I took her out on the balcony!
3. having a relaxing day like today
4. my amazing parents!
5. still having one grandmother here
6. sweet tea. I drink it everyday! 
7. our loyal troops
8. my best friend layna! she is such a trooper! 

9. movie theaters! I love going to the movies!
10. being able to go to the grocery store and get fresh flowers, love them.
11. going to london in 2 weeks!!!
12. my free iPad I won, I love it.
13. having a great support system.
14. being able to call my family whenever I want.
15. being educated.
16. being able to have dreams that don't seem too farfetched.
17. my understanding boyfriend!
18. dead week this week!
19. the weekend coming up soon.
20. owning a computer.


  1. The picture of you and your boyfriend holding up that frame is THEEE best!

  2. I LOVE the frame pic too! Visiting from Shar's blog and I think Thankful Thursday is a great idea! I just may have to join in next week! Nice to "meet" you!!

  3. I played along. I like having a reason to write what I'm thankful for!

  4. How sweet are you? Seriously.

    Found you on Shar's site - congrats on being blog of the month...I'm following along.


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  6. Wow, You won and ipad, that is awesome! Your trip to London will be awesome!! :) I am thankful for His promises.


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