Friday, May 13, 2011

Repeat of previous post! (Blogger trouble!)

So to start off the luck on Friday the 13th, I come to find that blogger decided to delete my post from yesterday. It was a good post too! At first I thought "I do not feel like talking about the same thing all over again today.." but then I decided that as a matter of fact I do!

Exactly one week from today I will BE in London, England. I'm leaving on Thursday and arriving on Friday. That consists of a flight to Boston first with a 7 hour layover, then finally my flight to London. 7 hours. What do I do in a airport for 7 hours? I've had pretty lengthy layover's before while alone, but not 7 hours. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE throw them my way.

So the friend I'm going to visit, Emily, has started planning our adventures while I am there. I'm so excited! I gave her a rough draft list of things I wanted to do/see while there.

-national gallery
-Tate modern
-British museum (maybe)
-west minister abbey
-west minister hall
-tower of London
-st Paul's cathedral
-Buckingham palace
-London zoo... :):)
-highgate cemetery
-have afternoon tea somewhere
-go to a pub
-Camden lock market & east end
-shop at really cool places..

-have a picnic at a park

Purely just a rough draft. I will be there for 7 full days, so hopefully I have enough time to do as much as possible. We already have a small trip planned to Bath, England! We are going to spend two nights there! One night will be in a hostel and the other in a bed and breakfast. We are kind of cheating at the hostel. Instead of a dormitory room, we got a twin! Here are a few pictures of Bath:

This is the bed and breakfast we will stay in!

The ancient Roman Baths

The hostel we will be staying in!

Thermae Spa! We are going to spend a day here!

I'm so excited! Bath was home to Jane Austen as well, just fyi. That will be cool to see! I should read some Jane Austen on the way to get myself in the mood. Possibly cheesy, yes.

This is irrelevant but I have to say it. I've been looking around for new outfits because I feel like I should be stylin when I go to London. Emily said she hardly ever see's people wear jeans. WHAT!? I wear jeans DAILY. That will be interesting. But oh well I guess, I'm just being a girl.

SIDE NOTE: While I am in London I am not sure how often or if I will able to post at all! I am looking for a couple guest bloggers to keep my blog moving! If you are interested please let me know!

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  1. I was experiencing trouble too, lost some comments! I'm glad you talked yourself into bloggin about your trip again! I LOVE the pictures! :) Let me know if I can be of any help while you are away, let me know what you are looking for :) Have a great weekend, God bless!


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