Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm currently racking my brain and google-ing ideas for my airport layover. I've come up with a few things and seen a couple cool ideas as well. I feel like writing these down and honestly thinking about them will improve my attitude about it. I'm going to LONDON! That is worth it! Always focus on the positives!

1. Shop. 
Airports do usually have some unique shopping. Though they are usually overpriced, sometimes the deals aren't awful. Boston Logan doesn't have a huge variety of shops, but just enough. Don't over-shop at an airport though because then goes all your money!

2. Read.
Catch up on your favorite book or magazine. Bring them with you or browse the bookstore at the airport. Airports are big places so it's not too hard to find a quiet, occasionally cozy, place to relax and read. There are coffee shops usually to that would be a great place to go read!

3. Eat.
Airports are full of all types of food. Usually fast food, but sometimes a couple nicer ones. It will definitely be more food than you will eat on the plane most likely. Then like I mentioned before there are coffee shops that have coffee, tea, specialty drinks, whatever you feel like basically. I will probably eat quite a few times within 7 hours there.

4. People watching. 
An airport is a prime place for people watching. Talk about a huge variety! You can sit and imagine where you think they are coming from or going to, what kind of life they have, why they're traveling etc.

5. Chat. 
You aren't the only person trying to pass time in an airport. Strike up a conversation with the person beside you. If you find it awkward to start it, just ask them where they are going or coming from. You could end up meeting a very interesting person and learning something new from them!

6. Call someone!
This is a great time to call an old friend you've been meaning to catch up with or a family member that would love to hear your voice.

7. Surf the web!
If you bring your laptop you have access to books, music, movies and basically anything at your fingertips. I will probably download a few movies on my iPad for the airport and the plane. I google just about everything so I will just randomly surf the web learning new things about different subjects. Don't forget head phones though!

8. Pedicure
The airport I will be in has an Xpress Spa that offers a few services and a hair salon! I will most likely take advantage of the pedicure at the spa. I love getting pedicures and do not remember the last time I got one! I'm excited about this option!

9.Consider Outside the Airport
I haven't decided yet if I am going to venture outside the airport or not. I do have plenty of time, I'm just not sure if I have the confidence! If I do, I have a few ideas. I know the Boston Aquarium is close. I'd also like to go to the Franklin Park Zoo. (Remember I am a animal freak..) Of course I'd like to eat more authentic food as well. Maybe just enjoy being outside at a park or cool place downtown. I most likely will not decide until I am there and see how I feel about it and how easy or difficult it will be.

You may have noticed that sleep is not on that list! I do NOT feel comfortable sleeping in an airport. Mainly just because of my bag. I will save sleeping for the plane ride, though I don't sleep well on planes either. But my trip will be amazing! Every minute of it!


  1. Your layover plans sound great! I always do coffee or lunch and then read/listen to music on a layover. I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  2. I'm impressed with all of your layover options! I am sure you'll be surprised at how fast the time goes. And of course, London will be worth it! I vote for the "meet a stranger" option. So fun!

  3. Sounds like your layover is going to go great! You have lots of options!

  4. Ah know that dilemma of if you should leave. That is super tough, I'm always so weary of something that could hold me up but also love the idea of exploring Boston!

  5. Oh my goodness, reading is my favourite past-time and eating is my favourite sport ;-)

  6. Skype is always fun. I actually had an old man tell me blonde jokes for an hours...I'm blonde..wasn't sure if it was an insult or not. I also had a guy run and give me his airport discount because he thought I was pretty. =)


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