Thursday, May 12, 2011


My blogging has been less than perfect this week. Today is my last final and then it is summer! I'm so excited! Although I am taking 12 hours of school during summer, that's fine because they won't start till June!


At this time next week, I will be on my way to London! Right now I will be on the plane to Boston where I have a 7 (yes, you read that correctly), 7 hour lay over before flying to London! If anyone has ANY suggestions on things to do during a layover or particularly at the Boston Logan Airport, please let me know!

I am super excited for my trip! I have been distracted while studying for finals because this is all I can think about! Emily & I have been talking a little about what we will do during my stay there and have come up with a small list! This is the list that I gave her kinda as a rough draft so far..

-national gallery
-Tate modern
-British museum (maybe)
-west minister abbey
-west minister hall
-tower of London
-st Paul's cathedral
-Buckingham palace
-London zoo... :):)
-highgate cemetery
-have afternoon tea somewhere
-go to a pub
-Camden lock market & east end
-shop at really cool places..
-have a picnic in a park

Those are just things that I thought of that I know for sure I want to see or do. We already have a 2 day excursion planned to Bath! We are going to go stay 2 nights in Bath, England and see the sights there and go to the ancient roman baths and spend a day in a really cool spa! Here are a few pictures of bath!

Thermae Bath Spa!

The ancient Roman baths
During our stay at bath we are going to stay at a hostel one night and a little bed and breakfast the other!

We got a twin room in the hostel!

This is the quaint little bed and breakfast!
This trip is going to be so amazing & I can't believe I'm actually getting this opportunity! Especially with my best friend of 16 years! I will have so many stories when I get back it will be unreal.

On a side note: I feel like I need to be stylish when I go to London. Emily says she hardly ever sees anyone wear jeans! What!? I wear jeans on a daily basis. So I'm trying to come up with a way to get new outfits before I go. Kinda pathetic yes, but I'm a girl. Any suggestions on outfits or places to look?


  1. Your trip sounds fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful time and I can't wait to read all about it when you return.

  2. I don't think you'll feel out of place in jeans, but then again your friend probably knows best!

    If you want to see a lot in a little time and not worry too much about the subways, I'd suggest one of the double decker hop-on-hop-off bus tours. They have recordings and then you can get off at whatever stops and do your thing and then hop back on.

    Don't forget fish and chips!

  3. Oh wow! Sounds like you are going to have a great time Megan!
    Be sure to take lots and lots of photos!
    Have a great weekend!

    XO Shar!


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