Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank you!

Yesterday morning I woke up to read two comments about two awards I had been given for my blog! It was a great start to my day and made me so happy to think that people really enjoy reading my blog! The first award was given to me by Lulu at lu3luscrossing. Thank you so much!

With this award I am supposed to say 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 people! Here are my 7 things:

1. The majority of my blogging is done while I'm at work. It is usually where I write my posts and catch up on every one's blog. I swear I'm not a bad employee and slack off! I work in a student accounting office at my college and sit at the front counter all day on a computer. The majority of the time I'm not busy at all so I have to keep myself entertained.

2. I love pickles. A lot of people I know HATE pickles! But I love them! I always have ever since I was little! I even love pickle juice snow cones! Weird? Possibly.

3. My first job ever was at a snow cone stand. I was and still am very close with the owner and got a job my junior year of high school. I worked there until I graduated and even came back in the summer and winter break occasionally. She gave me a key and still lets me go by and get a snow cone at night when its closed whenever I'm in town!

4. I also worked at Victoria's Secret for 3 years. It was only during the summer and winter break times. I loved it and loved the people! And of COURSE I loved the discounts and free bras!

5. I love love love cheese. However, I'm slightly lactose intolerant. Oddly enough, I only became that way within the past year of my life. I was very very sick for awhile and that turned out to be some kind of result.

6. I'm an insomniac. For example, I went to sleep at 4 last night and woke up at 7 this morning! I've always had this problem but since I got depression it got worse. It doesn't affect me too much now since I've gotten use to it but it does stink laying in bed for hours just trying to wish yourself to sleep.

7. I love being outdoors. LOVE. I was the kid that you had to find from outside when it was dinner time. The majority of the time you could find me in a creek, no lies. I even "ran away" once and packed a backpack and went to the creek beside my house. My idea of running away was apparently leaving a note that said "I'm running away. I'll be in the creek.". Seriously!

Okay now the next 7 people! I follow these blogs and love reading them! Check them out!

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7. spark.

The next award I received was blog of the month from the great Shar at Shar's Daily Ramblings! I felt so honored to get this award! I get featured by her and get links back to me all month! How cool is that! Her blog has lots of cool blogging tips that yall should check out!

Thank you for featuring me!


  1. Thanks so much! I'll post about this Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. cute blog girl :) just wanted to share! xo

  3. Thanks Megan! :)What a great start to a fantabulous weekend!! I will be sure to pass the award along :)

  4. Cool stuff!! I'm definitely going to check out the blogs you lifted!

  5. congrats! And i love being outdoors also! I definitely know what you mean about running away as a kid...i never got too far!

  6. Thanks girl! SO excited, my very first blog award! I will be sure to pass it on!

  7. I love pickles too!!! Hahah, I saw this and had to comment. I've never tried a pickle juice snowcone, though, but it sounds delish!

  8. Megan, I was hoping to email you a question I had about your 'button'. Is there anyway you could help me figure out how to make one for myself? :)


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