Monday, April 18, 2011

One of my favorite places..

I apologize for my lack of communication this past weekend! My boyfriend was in town visiting me, therefore I didn't get on the computer much. On Saturday though, he took me to the zoo! Now this brings me to my random topic of today's post...THE ZOO!

First off, you should probably all know that I am a huge animal lover. HUGE. I get this from my mother, I'm sure of that. My family has always had animals throughout my whole life. My favorite shows as a little kid where things like Jack Hannah's shows and "The Jeff Corwin Experience". I wrote a paper once on how I wanted to be a zoo keeper or a marine biologist. When I was realllyyyy little I would catch bugs and play with ants. This is not a joke. I remember one specific example! I was at softball practice and I was sitting behind the cage behind home plate. I think I may have been waiting to practice batting or something, but obviously I wasn't interested. Emily was sitting with me. There was an ant bed there beside us and I started picking up the ants and letting them crawl on my arm. They never bit me! So of course, I convinced Emily to do it. She, however, did get bit by the ants. She called me the ant charmer a little white after that I think! Very funny and strange story, but I felt like sharing it!  But okay, now that you see how nerdy I am I will go on.

The zoo is one of my favorite places to visit! I LOVE looking at all the animals and spending the whole day there! Ryan and I started going to the zoo when we first started dating and have gone multiple times since then. Ryan wasn't a big animal lover, like myself, until he started dating me so long! Now he loves the zoo ALMOST as much as myself! We went this past weekend as kind of a late celebration of our 5 year anniversary. Here are a few pictures from our trip!

At the majority of the zoos we have gone to, there has been some sort of walk through bird exhibit with all of these little parakeets. These always seem to be the funnest place to take pictures! I've always gotten really good and sometimes hysterical pictures!

The otters are always so much fun to watch too! Ryan had fun watching and even got in this little dome thing that kind of goes into the water! He was in there for maybe 10 seconds before he was bombarded by little kids, ha ha!

Now, tigers are my favorite animals of all time. I spend the most time just sitting at the tiger exhibit! In this picture, I was just simple excited that our cup was all about tigers! I told you that its the little things that count too!

the window was awful to take pictures through!
This is me at the tiger exhibit!
Now like I said, Ryan and I have been to the zoo a lot! We have been to 6 or 7 different zoos and at least half of those more than once! I will leave you all with a few old pictures from our years at zoos...

Side note: I was EXTREMELY excited about this
Coolest show EVER!


  1. You go to some awesome zoos! Love the pictures! So cute that you two can share that together!

  2. Looks like fun. And you take super cute pictures. p.s. visiting from 20 something bloggers.


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