Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's time again for thankful Thursday! This time I'd like you to join me! I really think its important to take time to reflect on things you appreciate in your life. I have never hosted a link party before so this will be my first! I'm learning all these technical aspects of blogging so if a link or something isn't working, I apologize and would love if you would let me know.

Thankful Thursday is about listing things you are thankful for, whether it be a few or many! I will usually always list 20 things on my posts. It's great to be able to look at others blogs and see what they are thankful for in their life too! It gives you a different perspective sometimes and reminds you of things you may take for granted! Here is my thankful Thursday list for today! Normally I will include some pictures in the list, but not today (short on time)!

1. Free Chickfila on campus
2. Coffee this morning
3. My mothers wisdom on cats (George had an eye scratch yesterday!)
4. My sorority electing me publicity chair for next year!
5. Not having work tomorrow
6. Owning shoes
7. Owning and having access to a computer
8. My father, who helped me out financially yesterday!
9. Going home for Easter this weekend!
10. My older brother being save in his service in the Navy
11. God's grace and peace He has given me lately
12. Having a cell phone (though I may rely on it too much!)
13. Being given an artistic talent
14. Being able to eat when I'm hungry
15. Having a supportive family
16. A big bed
17. All my mistakes and learning from them. (without making them I wouldn't be who I am now)
18. Having a decent amount of smarts.
19. The thunderstorm last night.
20. My boyfriend having a real job!

Now the rules to participate in this link party are the following:

-You must be a follower first to participate!
-Grab my button for thankful Thursday on the right and place it in your post or on your blog!
-Link up on this post directing us to your POST, not your main page of your blog!
-Please comment on this post so I know that you participated and may just come follow you in return!
-Please make sure it is a family friendly post!
-& feel free to comment on anyone and everyone elses post!
-and most importantly, have fun & enjoy reading other bloggers blessings!

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  1. I am a new follower. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I have linked up for Thankful Thursday!

  2. I am now following you and just participated in Thankful Thursday. Your is also the first button I've ever used. I am glad I figured it out :).

  3. Cute! I'll definitely participate next week!

  4. Amen to a boyfriend with a real job! great post ;)

  5. Missed out on your Thankful Thursday! Glad I found your blog... now I can link up with your Thankful Thursday!! Loving your blog:)


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