Friday, April 1, 2011

Art therapy

When I was younger and trying to decide what I really wanted to do with my life and career the only thing I was certain of was that I wanted to help people. I really want to always be doing things for others throughout my life. Personally, I don't think living a life only for myself would be a good use. I know God didn't give me talents and a voice to keep them to myself. He wants me to glorify him and to use them to the benefit of others. So coming into college I naturally decided to be a psychology major. I decided that being a counselor of some sort, preferably Christian, would be a good path. I've gone back and forth with that idea and tossed around a few more into the mix.

After being in school a couple years for psychology, I wasn't exactly feeling like I was heading where I should be. As you all know, one of my hobbies is painting. I've always been creative and loved being artistic even since I was a kid. I want to incorporate this talent into my career. I don't want to waste this talent and only use it for my own beneift and enjoyment. I feel like I should share it and try and teach others the enjoyment of it. So I have decided to try and become an art therapist! Which is why my MINOR in school is now art. I have heard that the art therapy field is difficult right now to get a job in but I do have many options on where I could work. I would absolutely LOVE to work mainly with children and have my own practice! That of course is a dream job.

What is art therapy? Here's a quick synopsis. Basically, art therapy is a form of expressive therapy using art materials such as paint, pencils, markers, chalk, clay, etc. Art therapy is used to help express and communicate emotions whether it be purposefully or not. For example, with children, you could analyze their drawings to read what they are feeling or saying. If a child has been through a traumatic experience and quits speaking, this is especially useful. Art therapy is also used just as a form of healing and relaxation. Whether it is regonized by all or not, art is very theraputic. I definately look to painting to relax and clear my mind.

If you want any more information, here is a link to the American Art Therapy Association!

American Art Therapy Association

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