Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review

I do love to read. I'm not a HUGE reader but I do love to collect and read books when I have the time. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite books of all time! Drumroll please..........

Redeeming Love By Francine Rivers

Now some of you have heard of this book over and over again, but SOME of you out there haven't! Here is a little synopsis of the book:

This romantic story is a retelling of the biblical story of Hosea. This heartbreaking romance stars a prostitute named Angel and a kind farmer named Michael Hosea. Angel was sold into prostitution as a child and has never been able to trust men. Michael is a very spiritual and godly man who is told by God that he must marry the "soiled dove", Angel. Though despite his protests, Michael obeys. Through struggles, Angel slowly starts to trust Michael and truly love him but then gets overwhelmed with fear and returns to her old ways. This story is not only about Angel falling in love with Michael but also falling in love with God. And Michael not only being obedient to God's commands, but falling in love with his own angel. 

I LOVE this book! I've read it multiple times and have loaned it out many times! This story is so easy to relate to simply by being a woman! The majority of us doubt ourselves so much and do not place much confidence and love in ourselves. Some of us don't even think we are WORTHY to be loved by God or a man. This is so far from the truth! This book will bring you to tears and instill in you the confidence that we should all possess. Let me know if you do read it and how you like it! Or if anyone out there in blog world would like to borrow my copy I would be happy to loan and mail it to you!


  1. i recently acquired a copy of that from a thrift store, and it's on my to-read list. unfortunately there are a lot of books before it. but i will get to it. i've heard nothing but really really great things about it.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation.
    Sounds like such an amazing book, and I will try find it.

  3. i've read this 3 times i think? will probably read it again soon, its one of those "once a year books"

  4. I've read this multiple times and I love it. After I read it I always want to go read the book of Hosea in the Bible, haha

  5. This is an amazing book! Great choice.


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