Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Praises and blessings!

So I apologize for leaving you guys in the dust for awhile now. Being a college/working student catches up with you quite quickly sometimes. I have all sorts of exciting news though to counteract that!

First off..
My apartment was having a renewal drawing this past week. Anyone who renewed by a certain day for another year was entered into a drawing to win an iPad. I did renew my lease, however was not at all expecting to win because I have the worst luck. But then, a couple days ago I got a phone call from my apartment complex saying I won! I got to choose between the iPad or iPad2! Very cool & very exciting. Of course the only thing I can think about is that I will now have something to entertain me in my 7 hour layover in Boston. Why do I have a 7 hour layover in Boston you may ask? That brings me to my second bit of exciting news..

I'm going to London! In less than 2 months I will be on my way to spend 10 days in London! One of the infamous M.E.L.K. members, Emily, is studying abroad in London and has been there since Janurary. What an amazing opportunity right? She has loved every minute of it and is getting so many cool experiences. Well my birthday is coming up in June so my parents decided to make my present this ticket to London to spend time with her! I am so unbelievably excited that I was skipping around a sports store when my mom told me on the phone acutally. Well I am still in the process of making a list of things I must see and do while there. I know we will see a play in the Globe Theatre, possibly make a weekend trip somewhere, see the famous cathedrals and who knows what else. I need to do some serious research in deciding what is vital and what is not so vital so I can make my stay as perfect as possible! If any of you have any suggestions or ideas for me, please send them my way!
Another bit of exciting news..
My boyfriend got a job! I know this may not be exciting to anyone out there reading this but this is a very big praise in my life. A little background for you, Ryan is a recent graduate from Baylor University. He graduated in December with a degree in finance. Since then he has been back in our hometown going back and forth to different cities with job interviews. He had been rejected by a few and was losing steam. Then this last friday morning he had a sudden interview at one of our local banks back home. He got the job offer the same day! What an amazing blessing! At this point, we are just happy he has a job, though it may not be his dream job it does provide him income! He was so excited that we went out and bought him new shoes and slacks, which he never does! He will be in a cubicle 8-5 but thats alright for now!

This picture is a very poor quality photo of a sketch I did a year or so ago. Its just a sketch of a few trees, nothing special. Ryan loves this sketch though for some reason. He has requested that I take it out of my sketch book and put it in a frame so he can put it in his little cubicle! So his cubicle won't be too bad now!

Last but not least, I wanted to share about my past weekend a little! I am in a Christian sorority at my school called Sigma Alpha. This past weekend was Sigma weekend, a weekend we spend in a cabin together fellowshiping and bonding!

This is my small group, girls I see atleast twice a week.
I love Sigma so much. There are so many amazing girls who are so on fire for the Lord. It is such an encouraging thing to be a part of and I always have a friend who will be there for me! This weekend we had a guest speaker who talked about our identity in Christ. I loved the overall message and really enjoyed the speaker. It definately gave me a much needed reminder to not put my identity in anything other than my Father. Whether it be a hobby, illness, my studies, boyfriend, etc. My identity is soley that in Christ. Which is so much better than anything else!

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  1. Megan!! I love your blog! you're so cool! Well umm Iove you and have just been thinking about how much i love you girl and was way excited to find this!


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