Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer blues turned into TO-DO'S!

I will admit it, I think I have the summer blues. That's crazy right!? It's summer! However, I just find myself not knowing what to do with myself and just sitting around. So I have started painting a few things and have been searching for some crafts to accomplish this summer! Here are ones that are striking my interest so far..

Jewelry Display Frame
Cat on a Limb

Recovered Office Chair
Better After 

Wall Vase

Ribbon Covered Bangles

Flower Wall Hanging
Design Sponge

Do yall have any crafts to do this summer?


  1. I just made wine corks in the shape of an S. It was so easy. Up next, I'm planning on perfecting my watercolor skills!

  2. I love all those ideas! THanks for sharing!

  3. I always like painting since it's so quick and hard to mess up. That jewelry frame is a great idea!

  4. you are in north dallas?!? seriously!!!! I am looking for teachers and people who want to get involved in other ways, we would love to have you beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That hanging flower is so gorgeous! I want it hanging in my room right now.

  6. I learned to crochet on my vacation! I'm super excited about it and want to try something bigger than a washcloth next :). That jewelry frame is amazing.

  7. I also love the wall vase! I may have to try that one as well. =)

    PS. Your blog is adorable! Following.


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