Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Londay Day 4!

Oh my fellow bloggers, I am so sorry I have been absent! I wasn't feeling well last week and summer school had started as well. I think I've really just had too much going on! But I will continue with my trip to London!

Now day 4 started out early! We had a train to catch! 

We were going to Bath, England for a couple days! This was my first time to be in a real train station so I thought it was really cool. We literally almost missed our train though because we couldn't find a trash can. 

The train ride was about 2 hours long. It would have been extra cool if it was an older train like the one in Harry Potter. Sorry, nerd moment! 

Finally we arrived in Bath! We had booked a one night stay in a hostel there and had to find it which wasn't too incredibly hard! Here's a glimpse of the room we had. It was a very nice hostel and the bed was quite comfortable. We didn't stay there long just left our stuff and went back out! We headed to the thermae bath spa..

These pictures were taken from the roof-top pool of the spa! Now this spa was amazing! We got a 2 hour session with an extra 45 minutes for food and drinks. There were 3 floors of the spa all open to us. The top was the roof-top pool which was nice and warm. All of the water used was actual mineral water from the spring there. It was very cool! I've never spent so long in a spa and thought it was so cool to get to wear the white robes around, haha. 

This was the 2nd floor. It was full of steam rooms and a waterfall shower in the middle. Those things to the left are little foot bath's which were neat. This floor was definitely our favorite floor and where we spent the most time. Each little steam room was a different scent, our favorite being an apple crisp one. The bottom floor was another pool area with some bubbles and a little flow kinda like a lazy river to it. Very cool. 

We did take advantage of the little cafe they had to give us extra time! This was our view out the window. How cool is that?! Don't you love their roads? All of the roads in Bath were like that. Which by the way, Bath was probably my favorite part of my whole trip which I twill talk more about later. The top picture is a picture of my awesome smoothie completely natural. Then the middle picture is the selection of breads and fruit we got that all was amazing. 

After the spa we walked around Bath just a bit and went to Bath Abbey (above). It was absolutely gorgeous! I love this kind of architecture, it's so fascinating. We didn't get to stay too long inside because we walked in pretty close to closing. After we left we made our way back to our hostel. Bath is incredibly small compared to London so it seems like nothing to walk anywhere in Bath. When we got back to the hostel we layed down and ended up falling asleep for at least an hour before dinner.  Once we got up we went down to the front desk and asked for a good suggestion for dinner. 

He suggested this little Italian restaurant around the corner and let me tell you... it was AMAZING! This was my number one favorite meal of my entire trip. We walked in and the little Italian man up front asked "Do you have reservations?" and of course, we said "Um, no..". So he continues with "That's okay, let me see if we can squeeze you in" then puts his arms around both of us and kisses us each on the cheek and says "See! I squeeze you in!". It was quite funny and cute. 

This was my dinner. AMAZING. I ate every last bite, which is rare for me. I'm not even sure what the name of it was, I decided really quick. Then my drink up top was a bellini, quite good. When we left the same man up front asked "How was it?" and of course we started saying how amazing it was and he goes, "No! I ment the kiss!". Once again, very cute. After dinner we went back to our hostel and passed clear out.

Day 5 is also spent completely in Bath so stay tuned!

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  1. Haha Soooo cute! Love day 4! Felt like i was walking the streets with you, or enjoying some warm italian food! Wow, what a spa!! I could live like that ;)


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