Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday! I'm finally 21! It's really weird to me. I honestly always feel like I'm older so it IS nice to actually be a year older on paper. So far today I haven't really done anything at all. I woke up this morning not feeling well so I missed work and class today. I've just been laying around with the cats and relaxing. I'm supposed to go to dinner tonight with friends which I am excited for. Layna, one of my best friends from home (MELK), is coming in just for my birthday dinner then going all the way back home. How sweet is that?! It is a 3 hour drive here from back home. What a great friend right!? I am sad I won't be able to see the boyfriend today, but he will be here this weekend. 

As I've already told yall, I went home this past weekend. I went home for many reasons. I hadn't seen my family since I got back from London so I had to go home to tell them about my trip! I also went home so I could celebrate my birthday with my family. 

 I always take advantage of seeing the boyfriend and take as many pictures with him as I can, haha. We took this after eating with my dad's side for my birthday. 

My brother always gets my camera and takes a picture of me blowing out my candles. This was still at my grandmother's house with my dad for my birthday. I had two birthday cakes this weekend! And both were sent home with me! I don't know what to do with all of that cake. 

There are a few "taco stands" back home that I'm absolutely in love with. I don't know if everyone knows exactly what I mean by taco stand because I have no idea if other states have them like we do. They are literally just tiny little stands that honestly look a little sketchy. They sometimes hang out in parking lots or any random location really. They always sell AUTHENTIC tacos, quesdillas and a couple other Mexican cuisine. I love love love them. This is me and my little brother at one on Saturday night. We literally had just eaten dinner too, but we didn't care, we wanted these tacos. 

Sunday morning, my dad and I went fishing! I really wanted to go kinda as a birthday treat since I haven't been yet this summer! And by the way, I do love to fish. I absolutely LOVE this lake too! It is so gorgeous and SO quiet! We headed out at about 5:30 AM so it was super quiet. I loved getting time with just my dad too! I can't remember the last time we really had that time so it was very cool! 

And look what I caught! It was just a little bass, about 3 lbs., but it was a good catch of the day! 

Now THIS is little baby boy Remington! One of my best friends Kelsey, also from MELK, had her little baby boy saturday night! I was SO lucky to be home this weekend and able to go see her! He is such a cute baby and she didn't have any complications at all which was amazing! I can't believe she is a mom and a wife. Absolutely crazy to really think about! But she is going to be the greatest mom! She really is! And this little boy is going to have so many aunt's who are just crazy over him and spoil him rotten. I had an amazing weekend at home having two birthday dinners, amazing tacos, fishing with my dad, but I really think this was the highlight of my weekend. If you read this Kelsey, congrats! You are already an amazing mother!


  1. Happiest of Birthdays to you!! :) May God bless you with the desires of your heart this year!

  2. Sounds like a really great weekend, and happy birthday!!! And yes that was a picture of the dinner I made last night! =)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like it was pretty amazing and I'm jealous you were able to visit London. :)

  4. happy birthday!! i just found your blog and can't wait to follow along :)

  5. Happy birthday! You have my mom's birthday! I wanted to tell you that I LOVING Texas. Houston is so fun and I'm having a blast :)

  6. How cute are you?! Happy belated birthday sweet heart!



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