Monday, June 6, 2011

London Day 3!

I apologize for such the big delay! I had a weekend at home spent with my family full of a lot of exciting things that I will fill yall in on tomorrow! Now on to my third day spent in London!

We woke up a little later than normal so we kinda missed breakfast time. So we went to a place down the street from her place called Nando's for lunch! I had this amazing chicken Cesar salad (I seem to have a pattern of that) and a side of their "mash" because Emily said I just had to try it! All of it was amazing! Then after lunch, we headed to find the London Zoo! As you all have read in my previous posts, I am a HUGE fan of the zoo! I was PUMPED for this one! It did take us quite a while to find it and a lot of walking but we finally did. 

So this is obviously the reptile house at London Zoo! I LOVED this zoo! It is a really old zoo with all original buildings so it is pretty cool. The significance of THIS building has to do with Harry Potter! The scene in the first Harry Potter "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's stone" or has they say.. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone" where Harry is at the zoo with his uncle was filmed here. Harry was at a snake exhibit and found out he could talked to snakes and ending up setting it free. That was filmed here and it even has a little plaque by the exhibit they filmed it at! I thought it was pretty cool because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. 

This guy was just near the gorilla exhibit and I had to pose on him. 

Now these are the craziest looking chickens ever! I personally think they are super ugly to but hey it is still God's creation! These chickens were just roaming around the snack area where we stopped to sit and get a drink. They literally just walk around and walk right up to your feet and just stand there. I had my feet in my seat (as you can maybe tell in the picture) and were creeped out by them. 

Okay now this exhibit was cool but odd! It might not be very interesting for anyone else to hear because you weren't there and I may just be weird but hear me out. So they had an entire building dedicated to bugs or anything of that nature. This exhibit was for leaf cutter ants. I walk up to and am looking really hard at it to see them and trying to figure out why there are ropes. I ALMOST touch this rope but then realize there are ants ON the rope! Out in the open! They would travel from like box to box by the rope! I know this is cool and all but also a little crazy especially when there is no warning! There were even a few that were on the walls and what not that must have escaped! 

This is just me being silly by yet another statue. 

They had a really cool butterfly garden that had so many different kinds of butterflies and even caterpillars. I see these sometimes in Texas zoos but there never seem to be any butterflies. 

Then our last stop at the zoo was the gift store! I got these cute little plush tiger masks for my nephews but had to try them out first of course! I got myself a coffee mug with a old picture of the London zoo with a zookeeper and baby tiger. I want to buy coffee mugs pretty much every place I go but I only gave in here! 

After the zoo we headed to go see Buckingham Palace! It was really neat to see it and watch the guards out front! 

This is still at Buckingham palace! All of the statues in London amaze me! Just THINK.. someone sculpted that by hand! How crazy is that? 

  We sat around on the steps for awhile like everyone else seems to do in London. Definitely good to rest my feet.

After this we headed to dinner at "The Texas Embassy". This used to be the actual location of the Texas embassy in London but is now turned into a restaurant! They did a pretty good job making it look authentic (AKA like a Mexican restaurant) and they tried with the food but didn't quite get it. It was really fun though and gave me a little taste of home! After dinner we went home to bed after a very long day. Now get excited for day 4 because it was definitely one of my favorite days!

On a side note, my birthday is tomorrow! I will be turning 21. I'm very excited because my best friend is going to come see me for the day and I'll celebrate that night with a group of girls from Sigma! I am sad I won't be able to see my family or my boyfriend on my actual birthday but I will see him this weekend and I just came back from home.

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  1. Please know that I saw the first photo and my reaction was "That's in Harry Potter!" When he makes the glass disappear. No? Just me?


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