Monday, March 21, 2011


Sorry I left yall over the weekend! I was spending a nice weekend at home celebrating a friend's upcoming baby. I'm so excited for her! Isn't she an adorable pregnant woman?

Here is another one of my best friends who was also at the shower..

The first one is Kelsey and the second is Layna. They are two of my old best friends from high school and before that even. There is one more, Emily, who completes our foursome of besties. Emily is currently studying abroad in London (which I will visit in May and talk about in a later post). Anyways, we all call our group M.E.L.K. We made it up in middle school. It is supposed to be a spin-off of the word MILK because it sounds alike. Silly, but like I said, we made it up as pre-teens.
Emily was the first one of the four that I met. We met when we were both 4 and in the same ballet class. From then on we were completely inseparable and often mistaken for sisters strangely enough. The next was Kelsey. I met her in first grade and she automatically became one of my closest friends. The last to come into the foursome was Layna. We all met her in 6th grade when we started middle school. She also automatically joined our little group. Though technically Layna was the last to join M.E.L.K., we wouldn't be M.E.L.K. without her! And nowadays she is my closest friend!
All 3 of them are amazing young women who have such beautiful souls! They all have such wonderful personalities! I realize some may find it lame to dedicate an entire post to a few high school friends but these girls are truly amazing.  We have all been out of high school for 3 years and have all lived in separate towns with different lives. However, though we don't get to see each other or talk to each other about every detail of every day, we are just as close now as we were 3 years ago. I've lost best friends I had for my whole life since high school, but M.E.L.K. has never shaken. I know I'm young, but I truly believe that is true, honest-to-goodness, never-ending friendship.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from memory lane:
Emily & I. Before Elementary.

Emily & I. Elementary School Days
Emily & I. Middle School Days.
Myself, Kelsey & Emily. Early high school.
Emily, Kelsey, Layna and I. Early high school formal.
Myself and Layna. Middle School Days.
Emily, myself and Layna. Late High School.
Layna, myself, and Emily. Early High School.
Early High School.
Emily, myself and Layna. Late High School.
Myself, Kelsey, Emily and Layna. College.
& most recent.. Myself, missing Emily, Layna and Kelsey.
Don't ever take for granted the friends that will never leave your side.

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