Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today has been a busy day, so this post will be short, as promised. I will leave you with just a couple examples of some of my art. On a side note, I in no way am pretending to be an amazing, professional artist. This is simply a hobby of mine that I would like to improve on and show others. If you do like my stuff, I would love a comment on it. If you don't like my stuff, I would also like a comment so I can see how I can improve. Everything I paint is purely things right off the top of my head. Unfortunately, the majority of paintings I have done, I don't have pictures of because I give them as gifts. I tend to stay in the nature/tree theme though. Remember if you ever want to purchase anything or request something, just send me a email!

Done last night, this picture shows the true coloring the best.

George just wanted to be in a picture, coloring is off in this picture.
A sketch in pencil.

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  1. where have you been hiding your talent for the zillion years i've known you? :)


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