Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vampire Diaries

So for a few months now I haven't had cable, I just have Netflix. So when I want to watch sometime I kinda just pick a show and watch all the seasons they have of it. WELLLLL.. I got HOOKED on The Vampire Diaries! I watched the seasons they had there then went online and watched them and now have been keeping up with it every week! LOVE LOVE that show! I've always been a weirdo and loved the paranormal type stuff. There's a crazy love story, action, TONS of drama and duhhh, 2 very attractive guys. 

Who do I want Elana to be with? I have no idea! Stephan is a sweetheart, well until this season and they are super cute together! However, he doesn't appeal as much with this bad boy-ness about him. Damon IS the typical bad boy. But it works for him! He really cares for Elana too and brings out the fun in her! 

If I HADDDD to pick, I'd probably pick Damon honestly! I just think they are too cute together and I just really fell for him. The great thing is though, it doesn't matter because they are together in real life! 

Do yall watch this show? If so, who do YOU think should be the main squeeze for Elana?!


  1. I love Vampire Diaries! I love Stephan though!

  2. I am soooo obsessed with this show. I have to admit it is my little guilty pleasure. I secretly hope Elena and Damon will end up together just like you :) I just started following your lovely blog.Would love it if you liked to stop by and follow if you like what you see.
    xo :)


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