Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm loving & not so much

What I am LOVING..

- I started on my wedding registry today! Went by with my mom first to get her opinion and what we need! It was really exciting!

- This adorable little girl! I rescued her a few weeks ago off the side of the road and have been fostering her ever since! She is such a sweetheart! 

- It's officially August! Which is closer to my wedding date! This month has lots planned in regards to wedding planning! We will complete our registry, wedding dress shop and possibly even do engagement pictures! We may wait until September to do those though because it's so darn hot in Texas!

- I've started my own pet sitting business! I have a couple clients in town that are really loyal to me already and just started to market myself FORREAL so hope to have things looking up soon! 

- I've been participating a lot lately in efforts to get a new Animal Shelter in my town. I'm working with quite a few women, one of them I'm close too and am loving it! I may even be put in charge of running a temporary shelter soon! 

- Teacups! I've been obsessed with tea cup decorations on Pinterest lately! These are little bird feeders that I WILL have one day! As long as the day doesn't trample them! 

Then the "not so much"..

- I've been on the job hunt for about 2 months now! I've had a lot of maybe's but nothing else yet. I had a great interview today that has already called me back but it is a job with a low cost spay/neuter clinic where my rate would only go up to $8. I LOVE the cause but just can't live on that right now! So it seems like I'm coming so close yet so far!

- I still have to find a HOME for the little girl (Gypsy) you saw above! The longer I keep her the more attached I become!

- The HEAT! It's been crazy hot lately, over 100 every single day! There's not one day that I don't end up sweating insanely and feeling gross! 

- Finances! Without a job right now, I'm having to dig into my savings for wedding things! Def not fun. 

But then I have to step back and think about this..

& I know I'll be okay. 


  1. I know the budget is scary when wedding planning, but you will figure it out! Remember, most of the stuff only you will really care about it and nobody else will notice because they will be focused on you guys! xo :)

  2. Hey Megan! I found you through the TX FB group & on Sarah B Texas' blog; I'm your newest follower {and tx blogger too}! Yay for starting your wedding registry! Praying for you to get a job soon too!

    xo, viv @

  3. Hi Meagan! I'm following now from TX Bloggers. It's great to not only meet someone from TX but also someone local! :)

    I know wedding planning is stressful enough but throw in finances and it can be a down right nightmare. We paid for our wedding ourselves a few years ago and did a lot ourselves. Well the girls did anyways. Make as much of the decorations as you can ahead of time. I also recommend you keep a journal of some kind. I had a day planner that I kept all my to dos, emotions, ideas, and prices in and it's fun to go back and look at it now. :)

    Mostly just have fun!! It's about you and your hunny .. not the guests.

    Good luck on finding a job!! Praying for you!

  4. I totally misspelled your name!! SO SORRY!! EEK

  5. What a beautiful blog! My husband said "YES! Jack-a-bus!!" He definitely remembered you. :) It's so nice to meet you!


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